About Me

kit_032 bwWelcome to the Forefront of Fetish and Domination

I am Goddess Kitty and this is a personal message to all of you.

First and foremost I want to set you at ease, I will take control of all our sessions. You will have an amazing experience. I pride myself in being a One of a Kind skilled and knowledgeable Dominatrix.

Check out my VIP Interview from Australia…

I enjoy Who I am, What I do and Who I do it to.

Not everyone earns the right to be before me ready to be made to do what I wish, for however long I wish it. I accept men, women, and couples who are true submissives, fetishists, masochists and even sadists (who would like to dominate with Me) who are sincere in their desire to please, serve, amuse, obey, and surrender body and soul to Me.

If you have any questions over Dungeon Etiquette click the appropriate link.

I am a Professional Domme, I enjoy all forms of fetish and BDSM. I have over 10 years’ experience with submissives across the country.

You will find that my techniques and style are Sensual and Strong, everything a Goddess should be. I am adept in a range of different BDSM principals from rope bondage to cock and ball torture.

Sissy slaves can enjoy my different sexy apparel and full makeup sessions. Check out the Sessions Page to see the variety of Sessions available. If you don’t find your fetish, drop a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I Goddess Kitty can accommodate and inspire you.

Here you are welcome to explore your deepest fantasies and desires.

My seductive nature will have you relinquishing your body and soul to me for just one touch of my finger. I will make you feel alive with every release of your spirit as I take you and do with you as I wish.

My legs are long and will stand strong over you as you bend down and kiss the floor of my exquisite personal and private Dungeon filled with toys and cages as well as My Personal Steel Bondage Bed. Paddles, crops, and whips hang idly by waiting to kiss your skin. My dungeon also comes equipped with many restraint systems and bondage table to keep you still.

I keep my body in shape and strong to keep you in line.

To Schedule a Session please go to the Contact Me Page.

And Remember Everyone is a Willing participant.