Dungeon Etiquette

Contact me via the Contact Me Page, to schedule a session.

Schedule your session preferably with a minimum 1 day notice. I DO take same day appointments at times. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You can always check my Calendar when in doubt.

Arrive on time, If you arrive early it will cause you to wait until the appointment time.

You must call or text an hour before your appointment and let me know when you are 5 minutes away.

RESPECT is the number one rule here. RESPECT me and you will have a wonderful time. You are to obey, please, and serve Me. A privilege NEVER to be taken for granted or lightly.

You are to call me Goddess, You are not to speak unless you are spoken to. When you are spoken to you will have the word “Goddess” be the last word spilling out of your lips.

I expect you to be well groomed and clean. I strongly recommend to be completely shaved, but it is not required.

To Cancel I expect you to let me know at least a day in advance. Violation of this policy will result in the full tribute to be paid and forfeit.

I am to be notified in writing through email at: