Financial Domination


Financial Domiantion servitude etc., if you are a pay-pig, money slave or "human ATM machine," I will not entertain you until you send money first.

I take all denominations. The higher denomination the happier Your Goddess will be.

  1. Contact Me through email for the address, contact to let me know that you’ve sent the tribute (money). Let me know how much so that I know what I am expecting. I accept cash and money orders to a first letter C, visa gift cards, retail gift cards. Go to My Wish list Page for further information.
  2. Contact Me if you would like for me to take control of your spending but only after you have sent the initial tribute of $500 US.
  3. This is not the Bank of Domme. All monies sent to me are a tribute and a willing donation in part of the donor.

I love a great Shopping Trip, Especially those who would like to take Me on shopping sprees -- for shoes, boots, fetish and other women’s apparel, electronics, home furnishings, etc. -- with little interest in a dungeon setting or the associated BDSM activities. This form of service is always welcomed and very useful.

Shopping trips in the BDSM arena are also very welcomed. Make sure to let me know in the contact field which one you are interested in.

If this is our first meeting and your desire is to pamperwith a wonderful shopping experience while your loaded wallet is in tow, you will first perform these steps:

  1. You should send an “Informational E-mail”, clearly stating that you wish to be My “in person” shopping slave/servant
  2. You will be required to submit a $100.00 tribute for My time which you can submit in a variety of ways, check the Tribute Options page for more details.
  3. I might enforce a pre-shopping session, if I believe it is needed.

Once I’ve been satisfied, the joy of serving Me as I explore shopping venues of my choice can be yours.


For those who wish to serve Me, but are unable to do so in person, your tributes and gifts sent online and to My address, are the purest form of servitude ... Check the Tribute Options page for more info.