I am a very talented and renaissance Dominatrix, I thoroughly enjoy every second you spend with Me. However, there are activities in which I am not interested and that are forbidden in My presence. If you request a session involving anything that does not adhere to the parameters listed below, I will not respond to you.

Direct sexual contact with Me is off limits.

I do not conduct scenes fully nude.

I will not provide Brown (scat) or Roman (vomit) Showers or Period (blood) Showers; although, I will discuss them in session.

I do not change soiled in brown diapers, golden is accepted.

I will discuss cuckolding in general, however, you will never be My cuckold.

I will not conduct sessions that involve any kind of wrestling, fighting or “fantasy holds."

I do not perform full castration.

I do not engage in "real life blackmail" scenarios.

Any requests to be My “personal,” 24/7, “live-in” and/or “full-time” slave will be ignored.

I am not available for lunch, dinner or “a drink.”