A Poem to my Subs

Morning melts into Night
Light reincarnates into Stars
A commanding Night pursues the ardor of the Day.

Mornings full of glory and wonder
The splendor of the Sun
A fresh and early start is difficult to welcome.

Afternoons glow and Shine
Beauty is plentiful abound
Satisfaction makes us complacent to nap.

Evenings sparkle and glimmer
Twilight slides into the landscape
Dream and inertia advance simultaneously.

Slumber and reminisce your days extent
Every second a timeless gift
Commemorating every step in your mind.

You will laugh at your most weakest points,
You will weep at your strongest moments,
You will celebrate over your accomplishments,
You will rejoice over your loved ones

You will tire over your long day
You will anticipate your next full long day.

Beholden to Goddess
Sleep and Rest
You always belonged to Me.

Goddess Supreme Kitty