Sissy Di

I sat in the driveway, nervous with anticipation
Ok to come in and greeted with a sincere smile
The face of an angel, little would the unfamiliar know the meaning behind the the piercing eyes
It was obvious the minute I entered her world I was under the spell of a true Goddess without even a word
Expecting nothing and hopefully able to act as required
Feel safe even though don’t know what is to come
The only fear is disappointment
It seemed like moments but lasted for hours
The memory will last until I am allowed to return
Proud to be owned by Goddess Kitty

Golden boy

I have never tasted a sweeter drink than that of Goddess Supreme Kitty. She played with my mind and body, spun my head with her body and looks, and after I begged her to be my Goddess she stood over me and I tasted the sweetest golden nectar I have ever tried. I'm a believer.


The way she talks and keeps me going constantly is like nothing I've ever felt before. I've slept with gorgeous models and hung out with famous celebs but Goddess Kitty is it. She has something that everyone is looking for. She makes me so hot and knows exactly what to make me do while her voice soothes and hypnotizes me. She's got into me and I want to experience more and more.


Goddess you have helped me transform from an ugly fat man to a beautiful lady with gorgeous hair and makeup. I love the dress and shoes that you put on me. You are a true Goddess among Gods. When I die I hope to come back as You.


Thank You for a wonderfully kinky time yesterday. Wow, every session with You only gets better and better. All i can say is that You truly are a Goddess, and i love serving You.

Submissive Widower

Nobody like YOU here!! YOU are Goddess

Holy Man

Her name is Goddess Supreme Kitty. She really excels at role play, so if that is your thing, I HIGHLY recommend her. I done some wild, wild RP and the only person I've seen that approaches that level in RP is GSK. She is absolutely uninhibited in verbalizing the most DEPRAVED scenarios (of course, like any true dominant, she does have some physical limits on what she will allow as to personal contact). Our last two roleplays in particular have been truly sick, sick scenarios. In our most recent session, she wore a nun's habit (this one: Nun's Habit at Party City ) while I was a would-be rapist planning on going where no man had gone before. I described to her what I was going to her, and I what I had done to others, in graphic detail. Of course, the tables were. turned (thankfully), and the "Holy Sister" took control of the scene. After some ass worship (where the prospect of a brown communion was tantalizingly on the table), I sampled her golden holy wine straight down from the fount. And I don't even want to post the detailed travels of her very real rosary beads--all I will say is that they took a couple of detours before they wound up in my mouth. Needless to say I busted a massive nut from all this. In fact, my cock was oozing before she even took over the session--just seeing her in that habit, and talking so foul to this "nun", really put me on edge. It was an OUTSTANDING RP session. Of course she does do non-RP sessions, so if that is what you seek, she is great for that, too. But my advice is to find the really most depraved RP you've been craving and then make an appointment with Goddess Supreme Kitty. She can improvise your way to anywhere you really need to go, no matter how low. What more can you ask from a true dominant?

Oh Yeah!

I had another awesome roleplay session with the Goddess. These sessions are some of the best role plays I have done in 25 years. This session I was a sex offender suspect being questioned by a woman detective. Naturally (to start) I was handcuffed (real cuffs) to a chair during my interrogation. She also had a Glock 19 (unloaded!) on a hip holster. Goddess pushed some supposedly incriminating white panties under my nose as part of her questioning. She elaborated in great detail about the accusations brought against me, seeking to get me to confess to my truly heinous crime. When “normal” techniques failed, she got rougher and nastier. Smothering my face and “probing” me further. It was all incredibly exciting. After extracting a confession, she declared me scum, suitable only for us as a toilet, and pissed generously into my mouth. For a moment I was hopeful she would also shit in there as well, but it was not to be. Oh well, something to look forward to next time perhaps….

Slave D

I had a lot of fun with Goddess Kitty, and I think she genuinely did as well, which is kind of the hallmark of a great session. There are probably mistresses who are skilled enough actresses to fake it pretty convincingly, but there is nothing better (to me) than seeing a Dominatrix obviously enjoying what she is doing to you.

A Satisfied Slave

Goddess Kitty has been making her presence known on Backpage, as well as YouTube. She’s the real deal.


I actually played hooky form work this morning and had a session with Goddess Kitty. This was also a roleplay session. (She really enjoys them) where she was a medium/tarot reader, channeling the spirit of my recently deceased niece, to whom I had been a naughty uncle. This session was not “Scripted” in any way by me, she came up with the premise and we just improvised. It was really fantastic. She is really uninhibited in what scenarios she will play out---she goes with it (again with very reasonable intimacy restrictions). Her straight Domme sessions are very good as well, but some of the RPs have been demented mind fuckers of the first order (which is a very good thing).

Slave J

I had the pleasure of meeting Goddess Kitty yesterday. I want to say she is a very pretty lady and my time with her was a true Domme experience. She does have her own place which is good. I have a new Domme.