Specific Fetishes

There are a general Specific Fetishes that Need Mention from Me.
Please look down below and find something that you might be looking for.
If you don’t find your fetish, remember I am just going into a few fetishes here.
Look in the Specialties page.
If you still have concerns contact Me with your inquiry.

Handcuffs and high heels


I offer a “spanking-only” session option, this is a 45-minute session focused exclusively and entirely on spanking, whether it be an over-the-knee (OTK) spanking, a severe judicial caning,My bare hand or gloved and/or type of spanking we might agree on. I have an excellent collection of spanking implements including leather belts, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, rulers, canes, crops, and variouswooden paddles. The binding of wrists and/or ankles may be incorporated into the session if requested in time.
The 45-minute session length will be strictly enforced and the required Tribute is $250. This is a very highly physical demanding session. It requires my body to physically perform continuously which is very demanding in nature. If you feel this is not enough time, you should plan to book a 1 hour minimum with Me.
To schedule a “spanking only” session, you must contact Goddess. Put in the subject “spanking only session”. If you find that I have not addressed your fetish, contact Me with your concern.

Your bottom, My hand.



Foot Fetish is one of My personal favorites. I do believe that the feet are an extension of a woman’s delicate senses. With that being said,
I can feel everything that you do to my feet.
I receive professional pedicures on a regular basis. You may be allowed to pay for My pedicures and possibly even arrange and/or accompany Me during My appointment(s), but these privileges are not easily earned.
If so interested Contact me or send a message along with a tribute of the pedicure cost of an avg of $50 and send it to Me. The Tribute Options page will show you different ways to send Me Tribute. Make sure to send Me a message once you do this so that I may thank you appropriately.
I love all kinds of Foot Play and occasionally have Foot Parties with well-known Area Dommes.
My Tribute for a Foot Fetish session is $250 hr.


Sessions involving multiple Mistresses are available. My standard Tribute is required for each additional Mistress, regardless of the number of Mistresses involved or the session length.
All tributes are required for all Dommes involved a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the session day.
Tributes can be sent via Western Union, as well as in other ways described in the Tribute Options page.
All Monies are forfeit if you do not show up or cancel your session.
Medieval Pillory


It holds a different meaning for everyone. Therefore please contact Me and let me know what kind of session you are looking for as well as the key trigger words for your session.
My humiliation session range from toilet licking to name calling to public humiliation.
I enjoy this very much, but take note if you are to have public humiliation there is a different tribute vs staying in My dungeon.

Public Humiliation Tribute 400 / hr

Waiter holding empty silver tray over black background


I love Couples. Most BDSM scenes are accepted. Contact me with your desires.
Couples Tribute is as follows whether or not they are both actively involved.
I have a range of scenarios and role-plays that will entice and submit the hardened to their knees.

If bring a third person or more add $100 per person per hour

Public Outing Minimum of 3 hours 350 the first hour and $250 an hour after that
(All expenses paid by You.)
Your Location 550 1 hr., 400 second hour and after
Additional male-sub also available for an
additional 200 hr. 1st hr., 100 second hour and after


I do understand that this is a male geared site.
If you are a female and are interested, I strongly urge you to contact Me for a one on one session. I will let you know that as a female I can promise you that I know how to handle you.
Tributes are the same for men and women.


I perform total gender transformation.
I also enjoy it when male submissives wear panties and stockings in a discreet manner. I also enjoy dressing My submissives in My heels, stockings, panties and/or corsets I have gender bending tricks to make you think my way.
Make sure to contact Me in order to start your training.
I do accept clothing donations as well as wigs etc.
I am available to go out with you as well in public. Let me know if you are interested in an additional male submissive to be included in the session.
My tributes are as follows:
Public Tribute 400 1 hr
Tribute $300 1hr
Additional male-sub also available for
Each sub is 200 hr. 1st hr., 100 2nd hour and after
frightened man looking at woman in the mirror


These are few of my favorites as well, Take your time to contact Me so that we can take you to the next level.
I look forward to taking you into my bosom and showing you the way.
My tribute would be as follows:
$300 1 hr at My Dungeon
$350 1 hr if I go to You.


$1500 A NIGHT